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Covid Management Solution

the features

Features & Functionality

leading security

Unique personal QR codes are easily scannable for critical patient data while ensuring complete privacy protection.



Integrated notifications via email, text, and phone ensuring instant verification of user health status and potential safety alerts.


contract tracing
and advanced report

Generate detailed reports automatically, based on date range, test result, test site, geographic region, and more.


Our EMR System runs on secure HIPAA compliant servers. Your data and your patient’s data are always safe and secure.


simplified clearance

Unique Red Light/Green Light status indicator enables users to quickly and securely display their COVID daily health check status.


easy to use

User-friendly COVID management solution with desktop and mobile user portals, IOS & Android compatible.

traveler portal

Fast-Track Declaration Statements

Expedite traveler screening before passengers fly with oursafe and secure web application.

Verification of Test and/or Vaccination Status

Proactive verification of passenger testing and vaccination status, easily adaptable to a dynamic regulatory landscape.

Real-Time Data Reporting

Critical passenger and patient information is administeredand reported to state and local health officials for multi-agency contact tracing.

real-time user status

Simplified Clearances

Our unique Red Light/Green Light status indicator enablesusers to quickly display their COVID status using:

  • Observation Reports
  • Testing Status
  • Vaccination Status

Industry Leading Security

Unique personal QR codes are easily scannable for criticalpatient data while ensuring complete privacy protection.

A Covid management solution with CONTACT TRACING & ADVANCED REPORTING

Integrated Logbook

Our COVID management solution empowers contact tracking teams and administrators by streamlining logs and tacking for maximum speed and efficiency.

Rapid Query Searches

Powerful search and filtering (Region / Timeframe / Business Agency / and more) capabilities to identify potential vulnerabilities while mitigating spread and contamination.


Agile and adaptable interface can be tailored to state agencies, hospitals, clinics, and businesses for a unique ‘white-label’ experience benefitting your employees and clientele.

  •  Edit Patient
  •  Add Covid test
  •  Add Observation
  •  Patient Detail
  •  Dashboard
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Our clients

“As the State of Alaska witnessed COVID-19 evolve last year, the need to modify features and criteria within the web-based Traveler Portal had to follow. The team at COVIDSECURE have always worked diligently to implement timely change orders at the immediate request of DHSS, and on the behalf of Ted Stevens Airport”.

Ted Stevens Anchorage / International Airport / Screening Manager

“Capstone Clinic has used COVIDSecure for screening, testing and resulting in The State of Alaska. We believe the use of this app is directly responsible for our States response to COVID-19 with one of the best records in the Nation.”

Micky D. Boyer, Director of Development, Capstone Clinic

 “CovidSecure has enabled our team to provide swift, secure, and optimal COVID screenings to our significant clients that demand the highest levels of discretion and security. COVIDSecure’s product has allowed us to deliver a quality service that we’re proud to offer”.

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