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COVIDSecure has provided safe traveler solutions as early as July of last year and operates as an electronic health record application system. For almost a year now, Fortune 500 companies like Disney, ESPN, and Conoco Philips, continue to use COVIDSecure software to screen employees and operate safely and at capacity. As the only company to screen passengers and travelers at an enterprise level across an entire state, COVIDSecure has safeguarded the State of Alaska’s access points through immediate COVID detection.

Our clients

“As the State of Alaska witnessed COVID-19 evolve last year, the need to modify features and criteria within the web-based Traveler Portal had to follow. The team at COVIDSECURE have always worked diligently to implement timely change orders at the immediate request of DHSS, and on the behalf of Ted Stevens Airport”.

Ted Stevens Anchorage / International Airport / Screening Manager

“Capstone Clinic has used COVIDSecure for screening, testing and resulting in The State of Alaska. We believe the use of this app is directly responsible for our States response to COVID-19 with one of the best records in the Nation.”

Micky D. Boyer, Director of Development, Capstone Clinic

 “CovidSecure has enabled our team to provide swift, secure, and optimal COVID screenings to our significant clients that demand the highest levels of discretion and security. COVIDSecure’s product has allowed us to deliver a quality service that we’re proud to offer”.

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